Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catholics, Cops, & Kids

Ireland report into abuse by Catholic priests finds police coverup

"Dublin, Ireland - That the Catholic church covered up sexual abuse by priests for years is hardly news anymore. But the highest-profile investigation into abuse allegations yet in Ireland found another breach of public trust: The Garda Síochána, the police force for the republic, failed to investigate reports of priest abusing children and conspired to protect Catholic officials in Dublin for 30 years.

The commission on child abuse by Catholic priests in Dublin led by Judge Yvonne Murphy released its long-awaited report on the matter last week. Justice Murphy's commission investigated how allegations of child sex abuse by priests in the Catholic archdiocese of Dublin were dealt with by both state and church authorities from 1975 to 2004. The report slammed the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland and, for the first time, reprimanded state agencies, particularly the Garda..."

"...Unlike the Catholic sex abuse scandal uncovered by The Boston Globe in the archdiocese of Boston in 2002 where, instead of reporting the incidents to police, the dioceses directed the offenders to seek psychiatric treatment, in Ireland children, parents, and others reported suspicions of abuse to police but investigations did not follow. Many cases were simply referred back to church authorities instead..."

"..."This is not about failings or learning curves. This about the reckless endangerment of children in a calculated, purposeful strategy to protect the institutional Church," said the abuse charity One in Four in a press release..."

"...The Murphy Report, which was redacted by Ireland's Supreme Court as several criminal cases are ongoing, concluded that there was little regard or concern for children who came into contact with clerical abusers, that known clerical abusers were moved to different areas and the recipient dioceses were not informed of their record, and that there was a failure to report allegations to the statutory services..."

I'll go ahead and wait while some of you roll your eyes and and think "Not this again" to which I say "Oh YES, this again!!!". Just to be clear, it happened, end of story.

That said, this is exactly why religion is such a very, very, very, very bad idea. It is nothing more then a way to control the masses and it's pretty fucking ingenious when you consider it's all being done using very simple and primitive beliefs.

Religion is sold as a powerful system built on faith and doing good by your fellow man, both very good things in their own right. The problem occurs when those we revere choose not do as they say but rather our children instead.

Sure some will pay for their crimes though not as much as deserved. But what really happens next? Do we just wait for it to happen again? Do we hope the detectives that get the next case are Protestants with a grudge? Do we continue to let Catholicism run rampant with pedophilic behavior? (I'll wait while you roll your eyes at the truth one more time.)

I know I should be lashing out at the police but they're merely fourth in line when it comes to claiming responsibility for this mess. Let's start at the top of the list shall we?

First, I blame the priests. You're a sick fuck and you need help and by help I mean euthanasia. The God you preach is a God to be feared and if, on the off chance, he does exist, he would NEVER approve of your behavior. You should be convicted for your crimes and thrown into the general population where the inmates will no doubt serve you up some justice of truly biblical proportions. After all, your God does work in strange and mysterious ways, does he not?

Second, I blame the Catholic church (There you go with your eyes again). I blame them for allowing these individuals into their very ranks. Are they so hard up for recruits that they're willing to accept recipients of the NAMBLA Over Achievement Award? No wonder they promote large families, they need to increase their dating pool as an incentive for new blood. Here's a thought, how about you let priests get married because let's face it, your policy of celibacy didn't really work out the way you thought it would did it? While you're at, why don't you let the nuns get a little trim as well, perhaps then they won't be so fucking bitchy. Think about this, if your priests quit touching little boys and your nuns quit acting like spinsters, the Catholic church just might not be a bad place after all. (Except for that whole invisible man in the sky thing but that's for another note.)

Third, I blame the parents. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?!?!? You've seen the news, read the papers, talked with another human being. You know the fucking score and you still put your kids on the field. First and foremost, quit having large families, you're only feeding the beast. You no longer need them to work the farm and it's been decades since a dingo ran off with somebody's baby. Is this what you actually come to expect from your religion? Is this some sort of sick right of passage? Is there a time in a young boys life when his father sits him down to have the "Priest Talk" with him?

Fourth and finally, I blame the police. These people came to you with a very serious problem and you looked the other way. I'm pretty sure that's not what is meant by "Turn the other cheek" but what the fuck, I could be wrong. Each and every time a parent complained, you should have opened an investigation and started asking questions the first of which should have been "Please show us exactly where he touched you on the anatomically correct doll.". (Which, by the way is the hottest selling gift item for Catholic priests this year.) You dropped the ball which allowed this to perpetuate generation after generation after generation.

So now we can all breath a big sigh of relief for the police will finally do their job albeit too little too late. Still, let's not forget that for most of the victims, the Calvary never arrived.

If there is a God, I'm pretty sure this was never in his plan.