Saturday, February 7, 2009

Death by Independent Commission

More Call for Probe on Financial Crisis

The public wants answers and they want justice! But the Justice Dept. is afraid to go after the corporations that contributed to our economic meltdown fearing they might collapse thereby putting more "innocent" employees out of work.

There are two very important points to be made by serving justice to these corporate douche-nozzles!

1) We need the public acknowledgment of the crimes committed. Otherwise we set a very dangerous precedent for other robber barons to follow.

2) We haven't had a good hanging in a long time. I'm not talking death here, that would be too easy and bring out the nut-jobs to rally for the convicted. We hang'em right there in front of the Bull on Wall Street with a piece of rope long enough to let them hit the ground and break their ankles. Mind you, they're now unemployed, have no health insurance, and are wearing a pair of crap filled pants. Then we just walk away.

That would still be better then what they've done to us.

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