Saturday, February 7, 2009

I told you so

More turning to Web to watch TV, movies

For months I have proselytized (preached for my publicly schooled friends) that the average person would soon watch TV on the internet. With a virtually non-existent economy, it's no wonder that people are ditching their cable/satellite TV service and opting for the web. Since most everything is now available online why pay for two hamburgers and eat only one?

You're probably thinking that you would never want to watch TV on your computer. The networks know this and have already started to condition us with special episodes(webisodes) of your favorite shows that can only be viewed on the web. Televisions aren't even televisions anymore, they're monitors that can accept any input signal albeit cable, satellite or your computer.

This change was inevitable and also alters the battlefield for eyeballs. If someone is willing to watch TV on the web then it's only a very short matter of time before they start watching non-studio content as well. This means that anyone with a good idea and a camera can create their own content without the need for "Studio Approval". The public can now vote with their eyes and the advertisers will follow. This could very well be the end of homogenized sitcoms and cop/doctor shows. Unfortunately it also means the beginning of shows like "Ow My Balls!" and "Who Lit Mama on Fire?"

And to think that just a scant 50 or 60 years ago families sat in their living rooms staring at their radios.

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