Monday, February 2, 2009

No apology accepted.

AP Investigation: Banks sought foreign worker

The very same banks that begged for taxpayer help forgot to mention that they just wanted our money, not our talent. It seems that at every turn the truth just get's uglier and uglier. They're like the relative that only visits when they need money but the moment you need them to help you move, they're too busy raping the neighbor's dog.

Don't they get it? Don't they understand that we can now find out anything about them on this newfangled invention called the internet. Don't they know that the very employees they've laid-off know how to post a blog? Don't they know that transparency is gong to be the name of the game from this point forward? Don't they know that there has been no apology accepted?

Since they weren't actually told, in writing, that they had to change their ways, they have continued conducting business as usual. Expecting the same people to not do the same thing is like asking the pyromaniac that just burned down your house to keep an eye on the matches. Just last month, Citigroup wanted to buy a $50 Million corporate jet when they had two perfectly good jets already. These companies don't need corporate jets. These companies need directions to the airport!

The paint on their ivory towers is chipping away, exposing a color not unlike greed.

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